About The Art

My paintings are framed within the traditional symbolism. That means my personal style has been influenced by twenty-first century syncretism and the school of illuminators and sculptors of the Middle Ages.

From ancient times, symbolism has existed as a form of communicating a complex imagery of thoughts and ideas. It is based on matching things that seem to be different in terms of space, time, matter and other defining characteristics, but actually they have equal intrinsic properties and essences so they can be represented by the same symbol.

Likewise, the artist, by using symbolism in his artwork seeks spiritual maturation or rebirth through his art. The symbols themselves are the key to enlightenment. Each and every symbol helps to restore the original path of man in this world.

The meaning established in the art object is only a reflection of the light which contains the eternal spirit. The symbol in Art, as in Philosophy, is the sum in terms of the soul and body of things created in the universe that reflect the spiritual archetypes.

Luis German Ardila